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Greece's Best: A Travel Guide - aplicatie Android

Greece's Best: A Travel Guide - aplicatie Android

Don't miss the best Greek beaches, sights and more with this ideal travel guide. GREECE’S BEST is an ideal travel guide to this captivating country with its abundant and glorious beaches and many world-class cultural sights. Written by a pro-author it explores key DESTINATIONS; suggests ITINERARIES; details SIGHTS; then suggests great spots to EAT. All content (100+ points of interest/160+ pics) is original and independent; no recommendations are ads! ––– *** Published by TouchScreenTravels.com: independent travel guides for the digital age. Our Touch, Your Travels. *** ––– GREECE’S BEST starts with essential TRIP-PLANNING information and an overview of key REGIONS and DESTINATIONS so you can decide where to stay. A hand-crafted ITINERARIES section then offers first-timers a good way to start exploring its key city Athens, as well as recommending a few insider’s TOURS of the capital. Or, if you just want to find, say, the very best BEACHES, or are keen to explore GREEK HISTORY, you might just dive straight into info on these in the INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES section. Other categories here include ART, HIKING and KIDS & FAMILIES. Finally the app details a few good places to EAT & DRINK near many key sights and even gives you a run down of SHOPS & SHOPPING to help you find that perfect souvenir. ––– APP FEATURE: TRIP ESSENTIALS Key before-you-go information, including: • Accommodation • Costs • Language & Etiquette *NEW* • Information & Media • Seasons, Festivals & Events • Transport APP FEATURE: DESTINATIONS The lowdown on all key parts of the country • Athens • Central Greece • Greek Islands • Northern Greece • Peloponnese • Thessaly APP FEATURE: ITINERARIES & TOURS To organise your time: • Athens In-A-Day • Central Greece In-A-Weekend *NEW* APP FEATURE: INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES Backgrounders and practical advice on: • Art • Beaches • Hiking • History • Kids & Families APP FEATURE: EAT, DRINK, SHOP & MORE Listings, backgrounders and recommendations: • Cafés & Coffee • Restaurants • Shops & Shopping APP FEATURES: TECHNICAL • One-click website LINKS. • One-click PHONE CALLS (on phones). • NAVIGATE quickly using the app's global search; its internal hyperlinks, and its many images. • LOCATION info (using your device's GPS). • Detailed MAPS and the ability to ADD YOUR OWN markers. • Save and share FAVOURITES. • Easily CONTACT the author. ––– IN-APP PURCHASE: • The entire contents of GREECE’S BEST is freely available by installing above. The only restrictions are that this will only work when you are online and only with intermittent ads. • A single, one-off IN-APP PURCHASE eliminates all ads and allows you to take all content (except maps) offline. ––– CREDITS: • AUTHOR: Rebecca Hall has lived in Greece for over a decade and has been a travel writer for about as long. She’s co-written guidebooks to the country and a host of articles for print and online magazines, travel websites, hotel reviews and inflight magazines. She's also published a semi-autobiographical novel “Girl Gone Greek” about her experiences in Greece and keeps her fans entertained with her website and blog lifebeyondbordersblog.com. • ICON GRAPHIC: iSAW Company@unsplash • FEATURE GRAPHIC: askii@flickr ––– REVIEWS AND RATINGS Reviews and ratings are like gold dust to small developers like us, if you like the app please go back into the app store, find it and leave a review or just a rating. It really helps us. Thanks. What's New in the Latest Version 1.3 Last updated on Sep 6, 2022 Remove unused permission Additional App Information Latest Version Request Greece's Best: A Travel Guide Update 1.3 Updated on Sep 6, 2022 Uploaded by Игорь Мазуренко Requires Android Android 6.0+ Available on Get Greece's Best: A Travel Guide on Google Play Category Free Travel & Local App Report Flag as inappropriate

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Greece's Best: A Travel Guide - aplicatie Android

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